Essentials for your at-home workout

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Your at Home workout can consist of many challenging movements whether you choose do to Yoga or Tai Chi, like we do, or a more strength focused exercise.

“I’ve been able to add CBD to my daily routine to prepare me for my workout and it's also been a great way to relieve muscle soreness after. My workouts are much more enjoyable and I'm feeling more confident and strong."

Working out at home

Your workout routines at home are an amazing way to maintain your health and take control of your stress levels. Working out can sometimes be a pain when you are dealing with soreness after a workout or even elevated anxiety before going to workout. Many people are using CBD to aid with both of these issues and it has been a key addition to their workout routine.


“CBD Salve has changed the game for my recovery after my workouts, I especially love it after working legs."

Ways to use CBD Salve

  • Rub some CBD salve on your feet before a workout

  • Rub some CBD salve on your elbows or knees.

  • Rub some CBD salve on your muscles after a strenuous workout.

  • Rub some CBD salve on the back of your neck after a back focused workout

Where do you find the right CBD Salve?

The best salves are the ones which are all natural and are designed with the gym goer and active body in mind. The quality of your salve should parallel with your clean and healthy lifestyle.

We always suggest trying an Astroworld CBD salve because they were created with the healthy person in-mind. They utilize not only CBD but other essential oils which are not only great for your at-home workout recovery but they also smell fantastic.

Pick up your CBD Salve today from AstroWorld CBD

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